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V520 Professional OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Enhanced Auto Check Engine

V520 Professional OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Enhanced Auto Check Engine

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Introducing the V520 plug-and-play car code reader, a full OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool that is perfect for car owners who want to diagnose and troubleshoot their vehicles. With built-in 35901 DTCs, this diagnostic tool allows you to read/erase codes, view freeze frame, and retrieve vehicle Vin.

The V520 scanner is equipped with an upgraded chip that provides more comprehensive DTCs(35901), compared with others that only have 3,000-10,000. After completing the inspection of your vehicle's system using this professional OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool - it will display the fault code and meanings based on the built-in database.

This automotive scan tool supports nine protocols: CAN/J1850 PWM/J1850 VPW/ISO9141/ISO14230 which enables compatibility with 98% of cars including those manufactured from 1996(USA)/2002(EU)/2008(Asia). It supports ten languages: English/Chinese/Japanese/French/Spanish/German/Russian/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch making it easy to use for people from different countries. 

The V520 professional OBD2 scanner also comes equipped with cloud printing capabilities which eliminates the need for a computer or phone cable connection when printing fault codes or data streams. The device will generate a QR code after detecting faults - allowing you to scan it directly on your phone or computer device whenever needed.

This automotive scan tool also features one-click I/M readiness status so you can quickly check if your car passes Smog Check within three seconds by simply pressing I/M button(rubber). It displays live data streams both in digits and graph format while freeze frame data viewing enables checking certain engine conditions such as fuel trim/engine coolant temp recorded by onboard computers when MIL was triggered.

Equipped with powerful newest chips ensures high speed compressed volume performance compared to other low-quality versions in market making it an ideal choice for all car owners out there! 

Lastly but not least - its user-friendly design has improved user interfaces clean at-a-glance design making navigation very easy even beginners can use without any hassle! There are nine buttons on SmartSafe OBD Scanner including scroll up/down/left/right OK button exit button as well as three shortcut keys one-click access buttons such as DTC/I/M/BAT which are very useful while using this device.
In conclusion,the V520 plug-and-play auto code reader is perfect solution help diagnose troubleshoot vehicles quickly efficiently without any hassle!
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