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Oversize Beach Blanket, 5ft x 6.67ft / 5ft x 8.25ft

Oversize Beach Blanket, 5ft x 6.67ft / 5ft x 8.25ft

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Introducing the perfect picnic blanket for all your outdoor adventures. With its PVC waterproof backing, this blanket is completely waterproof and sandproof, making it ideal for use on damp grass or sandy beaches. Simply give it a gentle shake, and all the sand and debris will slide off easily.

Constructed from premium ripstop polyester with triply stitched sides, this beach mat is durable and won't rip or tear no matter how hard it's rubbed. It's available in two sizes: 60" x 80" which fits 4-6 people or 60" x 99" which can accommodate up to 6-10 persons – perfect for family gatherings or a day out with friends.

This portable blanket is easy to fold following our folding guide, allowing you to roll it up into a compact size of just seven by nine inches in seconds. And when you need to clean off any stains stuck on its surface after an outdoor excursion? Simply wipe them away by hand washing in soapy water – no washing machine required! Plus, this family mat dries quickly without fading or shrinking.

The versatile nature makes it an essential item for every family: use as a beach mat while soaking up the sun's rays; camping blanket when sitting around the campfire; RV accessory when traveling; emergency cover during unexpected weather conditions. Not just limited to outdoor activities though! It works great as kids' playing mats at home too while also serving as pet seat covers – truly multifunctional! Get your hands on one today and take advantage of its many uses!
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