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Minimalist Metal Wallet For Men, Aluminum Slim Money Clip with 1 Clear ID Holder

Minimalist Metal Wallet For Men, Aluminum Slim Money Clip with 1 Clear ID Holder

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  • The minimalist wallet is made of upgraded aluminum alloy material and applies an original design with a stylish mechanical appearance, which makes the metal wallet as a whole show a very modern sense of texture. And the excellent metal structure makes it more scratch-resistant, convenient and durable. Let everyone get rid of the heavy wallet and go out easily.
  • On the outside of the men wallets, we have designed an ID card holder slot that can be used to place your commonly used cards, such as ID cards, employee cards or bus cards.It is more convenient for you to swipe your card without taking it from your wallet. And in the edge of the ID card slot of the wallet we designed a special protection of transparent acrylic aluminum alloy frame, the maximum protection of transparent acrylic sheet, so that it is not easy to break.
  • We choose more flexible and highly elastic webbing, after several experiments, the elastic is still full of flexibility and not easy to break. According to the wallet for men position, we designed the corresponding screw length and added reinforcement coating on the screws to better ensure the high fit of the screws.The minimalist wallet card slot position, we polished and polished to make the edges round and smooth to better ensure the integrity of the card.
  • The high elastic elastic band allows the minimalist wallet for men to easily hold 1-15 cards to meet your daily travel needs. The aluminum money clip on the back of the wallet can hold nearly 14 pieces of cash, maximizing space utilization. The V-cut design on the side allows you to easily push out the card while using it.
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