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ELM327 WIFI & Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Fault Code Scanner iOS, Android

ELM327 WIFI & Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Fault Code Scanner iOS, Android

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Introducing the Diagnostic Device WiFi Adapter, ELM327 Wireless Connector, Diagnostic Scanner FOR IOS / Android – the ultimate diagnostic tool for your vehicle. This device is designed to read both generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes and view their meaning in an instant. With over 3000 generic code definitions in its database, you can trust this device to provide you with accurate readings.

The Diagnostic Device WiFi Adapter allows you to clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" display) with ease. You can also view current sensor data such as engine speed, calculated load value, coolant temperature, fuel system status and vehicle speed at a glance.

This powerful tool also provides short-term fuel adjustment data as well as long-term fuel trim information- all of which can be crucial in maintaining your vehicle's performance. Other important sensor data that this device provides includes intake manifold pressure; timing advance; intake air temperature; air flow; absolute throttle position; oxygen sensor voltages/related short term fuel adjustments ; Fuel system status ,and fuel pressure- all important parameters that help keep your car running smoothly.

Designed for easy connectivity with IOS or Android devices via wireless Bluetooth technology , this compact scanner is perfect for both professional mechanics or car owners who want to maintain their own vehicles . Whether you're looking for a reliable diagnostic tool or simply want to keep track of performance metrics on-the-go ,theDiagnostic Device WiFi Adapter has got everything covered!

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