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Mens Minimalist Wallet, RFID Blocking, Card Holder, Cash Storage

Mens Minimalist Wallet, RFID Blocking, Card Holder, Cash Storage

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Introducing the 'None' ultra-slim and lightweight wallet, the perfect solution for those who value convenience and practicality. Measuring just 4.6*3.2*0.15 inches, this super minimalist wallet is only 20g in weight and a mere 0.15 inches thick when empty (and only 0.4 inches thick when filled with cards and cash). You can easily slide it into your front suit or jeans pocket for easy carrying wherever you go.

With a total of nine compartments, this high-capacity slim wallet offers plenty of room for all your essential items such as credit cards, ID cards or driver's license, membership cards, bills/cash as well as other important items you may need to carry with you.

The six card slots come equipped with clear windows that provide easy access to your credit card information whenever you need it quickly without having to take out all the other contents of your slim wallet first! The two spacious side pockets add additional space while one middle pocket offers more room for cash or bills.

Advanced RDIF blocking technology is used in this ultra-slim wallet so that electronic scanners and readers cannot read the contents inside it – providing an extra layer of identity protection while traveling or shopping!

The 'None' slim wallets come in five stylish colors - perfect for both men & women! The finger grooves on both sides make it easier than ever before to take out daily using cards without hassle.
Overall, if convenience & security are priorities when choosing a new wallet then look no further than our ultra-slim 'None' – not only does its stylish design make it an attractive option but its practicality makes life easier too!
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