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Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Cooking Times Chart 10.5x6.5 & 5X5 Magnet for Easy Accurate Frying

Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Cooking Times Chart 10.5x6.5 & 5X5 Magnet for Easy Accurate Frying

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About this item

  • Quickly and easily cook healthy meals— Take the guesswork out of cooking and don’t waste any more time looking for recipes or suffering through under or overcooked meals. Your air fryer cheat sheet magnet set comes with two magnets: the large cheat sheet is 10.5 x 6.5 inches, and the small sheet is 5 x 5 inches. Both contain over 90 healthy and popular recipes, making it the perfect air fryer magnetic cheat sheet set for beginners and advanced users.
  • Stick anywhere you want— The air fryer cheat sheet has a strong magnetic backing allowing you to attach it to the fridge or stick it on the side of your air fryer. Our magnet cheat sheets are compatible with every model of air fryer on the market. The air fryer cheat sheet also comes with heat-resistant adhesive tape in case you want to stick it to a non-magnetic surface.
  • Easily read the cook times from any angle— The font of the air fryer cook times is large and easy to read with a combination of vivid colors to create the perfect balance for readability, not too dull yet not too vivid; the colors allow you to read the cheat sheet at a glance. A quick cookbook for air fryer under your hand.
  • Oil & waterproof and easy to clean —The air fryer magnet Made of three durable layers, including a laminated film that provides protection from spills and scratches. This preserves the information so you won’t have any trouble reading it over time and with repeated use. The middle layer is a high-quality print card, and the base layer is premium magnet material with a strong grip on magnetic surfaces.
  • OVER 90 HEALTHY RECIPES— Your new air fryer cooking times chart includes over 90 recipes using foods you have, including frozen food, vegetables, frozen broccoli, beef, chicken, etc., that are classified and labeled to ensure you can read them at a glance. So whether you are cooking at home or in your RV, you are sure to please everyone at your table with the variety of healthy and delicious options provided!


  • 1x Large Magnet 
  • 1x Small Magnet 
  • 4x strips of double sided tape


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